Algorithmic Societies is an open initiative that explores, discusses and promotes the responsibility of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and algorithmic systems in societies.

We draw on feminist and queer theories to address the principles of empathy, plurality and contestability in AI research and development. We drive participatory practices to facilitate interaction and the sharing of mutual knowledge. The aim is to establish networks of collaborations, tools and, ultimately, to set a path to plurality in the AI agenda.

The many reasons…

Because there are no technological fixes for wicked societal problems, we have to solve social issues and think technologies together.

Because the technologies that we have are a function of power relations and so are their effects.

Because when discrimination is algorithmically obfuscated, it becomes systematically institutionalized.

Because we have to ask, for what purpose and for whom.

Because there is no universally agreed-upon good, we must consider all the voices.

Because diversity discourses are not enough to solve discrimination and harm, diversity can be institutionalized, flawed and biased.

Because many diversity narratives avoid representation and distribution of power among all the communities.

We involve affected communities with AI researchers and developers to reflect and boost the collaboration for addressing social problems associated with the governance of algorithms and data.

How do we do it?


We generate content that helps to understand the universe of Artificial Intelligence, bringing scientific and technical knowledge to all people.


We bring experts together to share their experience in these areas to connect with affected communities.


We hold workshops to think about algorithmic justice, how algorithms affect us in our day-to-day lives and how we position ourselves against them.

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