We create experiences to inspire and raise awareness through active reflection on algorithmic justice.

Dissemination and scientific communication

We create multimedia content to explain in a simple and didactic way about algorithms and artificial intelligence: what are they, how they affect us in our daily lives, ethical issues and the social impact of algorithms.

On our YouTube channel “De datos, algoritmos y otros cuentos”(in Spanish), we explain techniques from the AI ​​universe and real life cases where the use of algorithms affects communities. Also, we invite experts to explain their experiences and perspectives to us.

Inspirational talks

We offer talks and presentations to reach all types of audiences, with different levels of specialization, generating interest in the field of artificial intelligence.

Presentation at the Festa de la Ciència 2021 on the “Five ways in which artificial intelligence affects us, and we did not know it” (Barcelona)

Workshops with active reflexivity

We design and facilitate workshops to identify and debate biases in the design and implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms and the concepts of algorithmic justice, colonialism and intersectionality.

We develop a guided process to identify and (re)design desirable and fairer future scenarios in relation to artificial intelligence. This methodology allows participants to understand the conditions and the context in which this technology is used. Through informed debates about its effects on different communities, we achieve the objective of training and educating people in critical thinking about the dilemmas of Artificial Intelligence.

Workshop “Algorithmic intersectionality, exercises to think” at the Festival + CODE 2021 (Argentina, online)


If you have found it interesting and want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s keep learning together!